How force table update when no bound field updated?



I have a main form with a 'Balance Due' field. There are two balance due
controls, one unbound (displayed) and one bound (hidden).
I also have a subform which is a continuous form containing payment data.
When payment details are entered or changed, the balance due on the main
form and in the bound table needs to be updated.
The total of payments is summed in the subform footer and the balance due
(unbound control) refers to this subform total.
In main Form BeforeUpdate, I copy the unbound balance due to the bound
balance due.
The problem is that when only payment data is updated and nothing on the
main form is updated,
the balance due amount in the bound table does not get updated. How can I
fix this, I need to force an update to the main form and table.
-- Dorian
"Give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they
eat for a lifetime".

Daryl S

Dorian -

On the subform's AfterUpdate event, you can set the main form's bound
Balance Due control to the unbound Balance Due control, which will cause the
main form to be 'dirty', and thus get updated when moving from the main

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