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I have a form that displays the amount of money available at the time in a
given employee's expense account. Detailed reciepts are added via a subform.
Any time a new receipt is added, the available balance on the main form is
updated to reflect the new amount available. Everything works fine, except
that I need a way to get the available balance on the main form to update to
a previous receipt's ending balance value when/if a receipt is deleted. I
can do that automatically by setting the focus on the previous receipt's
ending balance field once the other recepit is deleted, but I'm not sure how
to do that.

Mike Painter

Hopefully you figured out that you should use a query to total the line
items and not actually store the value in a field.

If not you will have problems. The first one will be to handle a change in a
record, rather than just a deletion. You will need to algebraically add the
difference to that total.
(Under the heading of Been there, done that, wish I hadn't)


Yep, I thought about that issue when I first designed it. No problem there,
thankfully! The only value actually stored and not calculated is the expense
request amount for each receipt and the beginning balance which is entered at
the first of every year.

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