How do you get the home page to open in a search?



Me again.
OK, my site is alomst done, but I guess I need to put the products on a site
map or on other pages so the search engines don't accuse me of stuffing by
putting it all in hidden layers on the pages. In addition to my original
sources for products, I have added some affiliates, so the product lists are
quite extensive now.

My question is this: How do sites put all the products on different pages,
but when you click on them in a search engine, either the home page opens, or
a category page opens with links to the various products instead of the site
map page or the page with all the individual products listed?
If a re-direct has to be at least 10 sec, I know there must be some other
way to accomplish this task.

Please, this IS NOT a 'gettig high placement in a search engine' issue.
I just know I hate doing one search after another and not getting correct
results, so I wanted to make a site where someone would know for sure whether
I could help them find what they want or not, and provide a link to someone
that does have the item if I don't. I want to be as specific as possible
about what we do and don't have, becasue I don't want people getting
frustrated by not finding what they serached for if they click on my site.

Thank you again.



Steve Easton

If the products have their own individual pages,
And if your site has links to these individual pages,
And if these individual pages have text descriptions that a viewer can read in their
simply publish your web and let the search engine spiders do their job.

I don't use a site map, so here's a little demo.
Open Google and search for: FP Cleaner

See what I mean??


Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP


Thank you Steve.
I didn't know spiders would find the home page. This makes it much easier
for me to figure out how to set my site up.

Helpful person

You need to register with the search engines. Yahoo, Google and MSN
all have ways to tell them that your site exists. It also doesn't hurt
to add Meta keywords. Page descriptions are essential.


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