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Apr 11, 2007
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I don't know where to put this question i.e which section,but here goes.
How do I create an icon that gets me straight into the P.C Review page,both on my desktop p.c and my Samsung tablet. At the moment I type out the name of the site,or go to e-mail that pcr sends me to get on site.
Many thanks for any help, but please make it simple ta.



Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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Get onto PCR in your usual way and when you're on the opening page of PCR add it to Favourites. You do this by looking at the top of the screen where it says etc and then look right along that box to the right hand end where you will see a star, usually blue. Left click on the star and you will get a box named Edit Favourite. Where it says Name delete whatever is in there and then type in PC Review. If there's another box called Folder it will have a drop down arrow and if you click on that you will have several options. Choose Other Favourites and click on it and it should appear in the box. Then click Done.

Now, when you want to get onto PCR you should have a Favourites icon or the word Favourites somewhere on your screen and, if you click on that, PCR should appear as one of the options and clicking on that should open up the PCR website. Hope that solves it for you - it looks like a long explanation but if you follow it slowly and carefully it should be fine. :) Any questions, re-post.
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