How do you a Macro to copy data into the next clear row each time



I have a rather basic knowledge of of excel macros so I would really
appreciate any help. The task I am tryng to complete is:

I have a form that I have created in excel where a staff member enters data
on a flight they are booking and from the data they enter the CO2 emissions
of that flight are calculated. I would like to create a macro that copies
the feilds that have been filled in in this this form (in sheet 1) and pastes
them into a table (in sheet 2) containing all the data from each time the
form has been filled in, using a submit button. The form contain feilds like:

Date: __
Name: ___
Airport Code: ___
Distance Traveled: ___

I understand that I can just record me copying and pasting each feild into
the other sheet to build a macro but I don't know how to tell it that the
next time the "submit" button is pressed and the macro runs it copies the
data into the next clear row.

Date Name Airport Code Distance Travelled
1 ___ ____ _____ _________
2 ___ ____ _____ _________

Also, when trying this out and copying each field individually and pasting
it into the desired column in the other sheet when running the macro its very
"jittery" switching form one sheet to the next. It would be nicer if I could
design a macro to make it run smoothly.

As I say my knowledge is basic, I'm just starting to get to grips with
Macro's, any help would be great!

JA Hoggers



Steve Schapel


The focus of this newsgroup is on Macros in Access, the database
programme. Access macros and Excel macros are quite different
creatures. You will have a better chance of a good answwer in an Excel
related newsgroup.

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