How to delete previous data from 1 macro before running the next m



Hope someone can help. I'm sure this is probably very easy for someone. :)

I have a workbook and 1 tab is called OEM material with about 1000 items
listed and sorted by categories and another tab called Template.

I have created 11 macros that will select certain data by category from the
OEM material tab and insert it in a selected area on the Template tab. The
different categories of data selected are all different sizes but pasted in
the same starting point (ex. cell B1). If I click on macro "A" I get my list
of items from the OEM material tab. When I click on macro "B" I get my
correct list of items from the OEM material tab HOWEVER, the list is smaller
than macro "A" data, and when macro "B" is ran, data from B pastes onto A
but some of the data from A is still visible.
So, how do I have the macro delete the current macro data before running
(pasting) the next selection of data?



The way I read your post you are talking about Excel and this is a newsgroup
for Access, a relational database product the is part of Microsoft Office

Suggest you post to a newsgroup for Excel.

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