How do I uninstall the windows bluetooth stuff that got activated?



I was hoping somebody could fill me in on a clean way to "un-bluetooth"
my computer.

bascially I had tried out a bluetooth mouse that used a usb bluetooth
dongle, and I've decided I'd rather have a cable than deal with the

I uninstalled the targus driver package that came with the usb
bluetooth dongle, but microsoft's bluetooth stack also appears to have
been activated.

I still have a "bluetooth devices" control panel present, and I also
have C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange
hanging around.... I'm sure there are other bits and pieces, but
those are some obvious sample leftovers that I've noticed thusfar.

Is there a way to make MS's bluetooth stack go back to where it came
from since I won't be using bluetooth on this computer anytime soon? I
suppose the Targus uninstall might have left some stuff around too, but
I'm pretty sure that control panel is an MS one.

Thanks in advance,

Thorsten Matzner

I was hoping somebody could fill me in on a clean way to "un-bluetooth"
my computer.

I remove all "bluetooth" references from the Registry here to do that.
Worked well.

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