How do I remove obsolete items from Msconfig/Startup


Norman Swartz

Msconfig/Startup shows a number of programs that have been removed from my
computer. Although they are unchecked, how do I remove these defunct items
in this list?




Open the regedit tool (Start > Run > regedit > OK)
and go into

There you should see the various startup programs, delete the ones you
wish to banish.

Be wary! If you are not careful, the Windows Registry can really screw
things up!


JWooden, see if you ever encountered this. I disabled all the items from
the msconfig startup tab, rebooted and they remained disabled. I went into
the area of the registry that you mentioned. There was nothing there.
Suddenly, one or two reboots later, all the items are re-enabled for no
discernable reason. What is this?
Doug Rank



Ramesh, MS-MVP

Hi Doug,

The disabled RUN items are stored here:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg]

If the entries are re-populating in the RUN keys (as shown in MSConfig
startup tab), you need to go into the corresponding application's settings
and disable "run at startup" or similar option. Apart from that point,
better way to manage Windows startup, is using Autoruns from Autoruns covers most startup entry-points, and
provides an option to disable / remove an entry.

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