How do I remove attachments from all email in a whole Folder?



I would like to run a script that would automatically remove all attachments
from all email in a folder, or create a rule to do this when an email is sent
to a folder.

As an example, I have a quota and if I send of forward an email with a large
attachment(s) that I use up my quota too fast as the "Sent" folder counts
towards my quota. I might want to keep the email, but want to keep the "Sent"
folder free of all attachments.

Any ideas?

John Mayson

I personally avoid most Outlook plug-ins because I've had too many
problems. However this one worked very well for me using Outlook 2003.

I've used it for a couple of years. What it does is removes the
attachments and places them in a folder your designate. It then amends
the original message giving a link or path to the file.

As always, buyer beware, I offer no warranties, and I suggest working off
a copy of your .pst just in case.


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

You can't do it using a rule - VBA will work or a 3rd party tool.

tools: or
vba sample:

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Another Option you may want to consider is to to make a personal folder file
and store the e-mail there. These folders are usually not counted in a
network quota since they are stored on the local hardrive.

Simply go to File, New, Outlook Data File, and follow the prompts. You can
then add folders to suit you filing needs.

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