how do i read word 2007 documents in winCE5



Can anybody tell me how i read word 2007 documents in the winCE operating
system? I have the documents saved on a memory stick. On my notebook i have
wordpad. When I put in the memory stick & attempt to open the documents i get
a message telling me there is no aplication associated with it & to run the
programme 1st & open it from there. When i open wordpad & attempt to access
it it's not there. The file type on my notepad is (I think) pwd. There is no
file option of this name in word 2007, so i am stumped at the moment. Any
help would be appreciated. Thanx.



Peter T. Daniels

First, copy the files from the flash drive to the hard drive. Don't
ever try to open a file in Word from a removable storage device.

Would Wordpad normally be expected to be able to open .docx files?

Can it handle .rtf? If not, maybe you can only use .txt.



Graham Mayor

Wordpad cannot open Word 2007 documents. Save the documents as Word 97-2003
format (or RTF format) from Word 2007 to the hard drive then copy these to
your flash drive. Wordpad has limited ability to handle Word format but you
should get the gist of the text. While the general principle for documents
opened in Word is that you should first copy them from removable media to
the hard drive, WordPad does not create the same temporary files that cause
the problems for Word so opening from the flash drive, while not good
practice, would be safer than with Word.

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