how do I protect my outlook data file in a domain with exchange se



I have VERY confidential info in my outlook 2007 ost data file and recently
found everyone on network within domain (all use exchange for mail) have FULL
ACCESS to my entire data file, even though not shared by me. Dug deeper and
found my IT guy (a taz-man) had setup "everyone with Domain Admin
permissions" - not right my any means... all have complete run of the domain
and can open my entire outlook data file (inbox, calendar, tasks, contacts &
more) from their workstation.
I'm livid - need a way to LOCK DOWN everyone from ability to view my data
ASAP as it is creating issues now that all know they can do this... NOT GOOD.
PLEASE someone help me protect my ost data file by whatever means I can do.
Thank you for your prompt help on this.

Roady [MVP]

They cannot open your ost-file since that is linked to your mail profile and
only works on your local machine. They probably are using File-> Open->
Other User's Folder to open your Inbox folder.

If they are all configured with Domain Admin rights, then there is nothing
you can do since they all have the highest level of permission in the domain
to undo anything that you might come up with to counter this. Complain at
the IT department or notify your manager about this (huge) configuration
mistake by your IT department.

Domain Users should remain Domain Users. If there is a specific need to
allow them more rights to their machines, they will have to be added to the
Power User or Administrators group on their local machine which can be done
centrally via Group Policy.


You also have to keep in mind that later versions of Exchange (read Exchange
2003 and on) specifically deny domain admins to other people's mailboxes.
Whatever the IT department as done is more than just making everyone a
domain admin. They would have to change Active Directory access control
lists so much to allow everyone access to everyone else's mailbox.
Aug 10, 2011
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