Exchange server Crashed & Need OST File in Outlook!

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Jun 14, 2012
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Microsoft® Outlook emailing platform is considered a simple and fully functional emailing client. Its usage is so simple with less technical skills also you can use it. This increases its demand amongst home users and in large organizations. Organizations with Outlook emailing client means flawless communication. Now, when Exchange atmosphere is found in organizations along with Outlook, it becomes ad added advantage. Even if Exchange is maintained and sophisticated then also there are chances of encountering corruption because corruption is an uninvited situations leads to serious loss. This loss leads to inaccessibility of OST files there you required to perform ([a wonder-mucks edit :) ]) OST Repair process.

Corruption Reasons: You find your OST files badly damaged because of the following reasons such as:

1> Operating System Malfunctioning
2> Virus Attacks
3> Trojan infection
4> Hardware failure

These reasons and many other similar reasons can make OST file damaged. In order to get them back, the only solution is to recover lost OST files with accumulation of messages, tasks, appointments, to do list, journals, contacts, etc.

Error: Suppose you need to perform some important task with data stored in OST files. When you open OST or Offline Storage Files, you get an error message

"The file OST_File_Pathoutlook.ost is already in use by the maximum number of applications. Close some of the applications, and then try again."

Reason for Receiving Error: Every time you attempt to open OST file, you receive same error message. The cause for the error could be:

1.Line storage file of Microsoft® Outlook is accessed via various application at a time

Solution:First close all the applications and then restart your PC

2.Outlook OST file is badly damaged.


With free inbuilt utility, there is no guarantee that you receive results you want. Before using this facility, you are required to be completely perfect and strong with computer skills. If you miss a single step in this process then you might lose almost all corrupted OST files. Thus, forget this utility and use some quality approved external software.

Convert OST: To regain access of lost, damaged, orphaned, corrupted OST files, you need to repair those files. In order to use those files again, convert them in PST file then only it would be possible for you to use unlimited data stored in OST files. To perform this, you need to use professional software like ([some overpaid crap]) software. This software is supportive of most Outlook, Exchange, and Windows versions.
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Mar 20, 2012
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In my years of supporting Office, I had only run into the need to recover an OST file once, out of hundreds of bad OST files. 99.99% of the time, when an OST file goes bad, you can rename the file extension to .OLD and have Outlook recreate the OST then next time you open it, because an OST file is meant to be a mirror to what is on the Exchange server to make it quicker to access over a slow or inconsistent connection. If you want to store items and have them off the Exchange server, not counting toward your mailbox limit, you would use a PST, or Personal Folder Store. A PST is also the storage file type for people using Outlook with POP3 or IMAP setups. Also, if it does come down to using ScanOST to try to repair a file, it is not a do or die situation. You can simply copy th OST to the desktop to make sure you're not working with the only copy and the possibility of ScanOST causing more of a problem is slim to none. I don't want to necessarily be argumentative, just trying to get good information out there :D
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