How do I insert: A {a symbol (member of)} B



I'm try to write an equation where A is a "subset" of Ω using the horizontal
member with an equals line under it.

I've look at math symbols and Word 2007 equation writer, but I don't see the

Is there one?

Peter T. Daniels

Are you looking for Unicode 2286, "subset or equal to"? (I don't know
what you mean by "horizontal member.") Type 2286 on the regular
keyboard, then Alt-X.

Cambria Math, Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans, and Lucida Sans Unicode
are fonts that include that character.

Jay Freedman

If you're using the equation writer (Alt+=), this character has a Math
AutoCorrect shortcut. Type \subseteq and then press the spacebar.

In regular text, you have two possibilities. One is to go to Office button >
Word Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > Math AutoCorrect, and check
the box to use Math AutoCorrect in regular text; then use the \subseteq

The other way is to type the number 2286 and then press Alt+X. The way to
find this and similar symbols is to click Insert > Symbol > More Symbols to
open the dialog; set the font to Cambria Math; set the Subset to
Mathematical Operators; and scroll through the display. When you find the
character you want, you can click it and click the Insert button, or you can
note the shortcut key (or set a different one), or you can add an
AutoCorrect entry to insert it.

Besides Cambria Math, you'll find this character in Arial Unicode MS and in
Lucida Sans Unicode.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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