How do I import a pre-existing website into FrontPage 2003?



I have tried everything to import a pre-existing website onto my co-workers
computer. The site was created in FrontPage.

Once I can successfully get the site imported into his FrontPage 2003 my
main objective is to give him the ability to "live update" our work.
Specifically, I can make a change in FrontPage 2003 and when I click Save, it
automatically updates on the web. I do not want him to have to "Publish"
everytime he makes a change.

Additionally, I need the ability to import a site that was not originally
created in FrontPage. I have made sure to inable the FrontPage extensions on
the server for this site, but have not been able to get it to import into
FrontPage 2003.

Andrew Murray

You need to open the web live then - requires the server extensions - File >
Open > Site. Then put in the URL to the site, enter your password/username.
It will connect to the server. Then you open the html files as normal -
you'll be working "live" on the server rather than hard drive on local

You don't need import anything, just open the site in frontage. File > Open
Site, browse to the folder, click OK. (it might had files & folders that
FP requires and takes a few minutes). Then File > Open and open the
page(s) you want to work on.

Steve Easton

You don't "import" web sites, you Publish them between machines / servers.

For the non FrontPage site, ftp the site to the new location.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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Thomas A. Rowe

If the site is hosted on a server that has the FP extensions, open the site directly in FP and
Publish to the location.

If the site is hosted on a server that doesn't have the FP extensions, use a FTP application to
download the site to a folder on the HD, then Open in FP. If the site uses themes or FP navigation,
shared borders, Include pages, they will have to re-done.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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