How do I get old hyperlinks to look for .docx files?



I have one Word 97-03 document which contains hyperlinks to several hundred
other documents (all have the suffix ".doc").
With Word 2007 I have gradually converted the documents to 2007 format which
has caused them to now have the suffix ".docx". This means that clicking on
the hyperlinks now produces an error as all these still point to files ending
with ".doc".
I don't wish to manually plough through all the hyperlinks just to alter
them to point to the ".docx", rather than ".doc" files, so what's the best
time-saving option to get the hyperlinks to work again.
Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.



You could try pressing Alt-F9 the expose the field coding, then use Find/Replace to change all occurences of '.doc"' to '.docx"'.

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