how do I bring up the document recovery pane up manually




I was working on a powerpoint file and did not save the changes, system
crashed and when I reopened powerpoint, it showed me the files I was working
on. Unfortunately I clicked cancel. (as file showed when it was last saved
and since in my documents I had the version as of the time I saved it,
without changes, I stupidly clicked cancel)

So I only have the old version of the file.

How do I display the pane that shows me the files, or somehow find other
versions of the file that microsoft has saved.



Lucy Thomson (aka aneasiertomorrow)


Have you tried closing & re-opening powerpoint? AFAIK there is no way to
open that taskpane manually and it automatically deletes those auto-recover
files when you say you don't want them. However, have a look here to see if
you can locate & open the auto-recover file on your PC: (this is for Word
but the theory is the same)

If you are on Vista you can recover old saved files, see here:

Sorry :-(

Jun 17, 2014
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At the bottom of the window near where it tells you if your spelling is correct there is a bit that, on mine at least, says "Recovered". Click on it and it opens the taksbar

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