How can I quickly insert autotext?



I use autotext a lot and need to insert it quickly, like I did with Office
XP. When I would start typing a recognizable autotext a box of that autotext
would appear and I would just press enter to use it. This worked great
because I didn't waste time moving my hand to my mouse.
I need this feature back.


F3 is the trigger for autotexts. Begin typing and after the first few
letters, press F3 and it will trigger it.

Shauna Kelly

Hi Brian

To add to "Journalista"'s comments...

If you have Word 2003, you can turn on the AutoText tooltip at Tools >
AutoCorrect Options. On the AutoText tab, tick the box that says "Show
AutoComplete suggestions".

If you have Word 2007, then you're out of luck. Microsoft removed that
feature from Word 2007 <*sigh*>. You're stuck with F3 as the only non-mouse
way to insert an AutoText.

Hope this helps.

Shauna Kelly. Microsoft MVP.

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