Date AutoText


Ricki Miles

I am working in Word 2003. Whenever I type a date (example April 21, 2008),
an autotext tip appears with "2008-04-21 - Press Enter to Insert". Since I
am usually typing the date in a letter where I will type it and press Enter,
I often end up with "April 21, 2008-04-21).

I would like to keep the AutoComplete suggestions on my screen for all my
other AutoText. I would like to know how I can remove this date AutoText as
it does not show up on the list of AutoTexts.

Thank you,

Ricki Miles

Tony Jollans

I'm afraid you're stuck with it misbehaving - this one is built into Word as
is - unless you want to lose all the AutoComplete tips (which you say you
don't). The bad news is that the malfunctioning date tip is the only one
left in Word 2007 - the others have gone, although the autotexts can still
be inserted with F3.

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