Hotmail Issue


Tony L

If this is the wrong newsgroup to post this too, please advise the correct

Anyway here's my problem. I'm running Wind XP and have hotmail as my home
page. In the last few days when I sign onto the Internet, it takes forever
(if ever) to open my Hotmail Home Page. The butterfly is working but
nothing comes up.
I can go to other sites with no problem, but everytime I try to sign on to
hotmail, the same thing happens.

Is msn having a problem or is it just me, and if so anyone have any
suggestions as to what might be causing the problem?

Thank you.




Mark L. Ferguson

Clear the IE cache. (IE, tools, Options, Delete Files button, include
offline content.)




I'm having the same exact issue. It has been going on since before
Christmas. When I go under Task Manager, it says it is running but it takes
forever to open anything. The past two days, I can't even get to the main
mail page. If anyone knows what is going on, I'd love to know.

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