I was surfing on www.shockwave.com, when all of sudden my
internet explorer closed down. When I restarted my
computer and started internet explorer agian it had some
other homepage. When i try changing it it changes but
when i close down that screen and start it up angain the
same homepage comes on from before how do i delete the
current default homepage and make www.msn.com my default

And i tried spybot/spyware and adaware they both did
nothing i am still not able to change to my default

Some one please help

H Leboeuf

Make sure you have the latest version of AdAware and Spybot, get
CWShredder.exe also. If you have CoolWebSearch infection it should remove

Try this: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Browsing
Uncheck the Enable 3rd party browser extensions

If this clears your problem then find out who the culprit(s) is/are with
these tools.

Let AD-Aware Scan your system for advertising Spyware

If you use a HOSTS file, beware of this new issue.
Ad-Aware has decided to include a new detection when scanning the HOSTS
file. This now creates a "Bad hosts file entry" in the log file generated at
the end of a scan. The best thing to do is to place a check in each entry,
right-click and select: "Add selection to ignorelist". Otherwise if you let
AWW "fix" these items it will trash the HOSTS file! Even if you have it
"locked" by [example] SpywareBlaster or Winpatrol. It does not return the
attributes and renames the HOSTS file incorrectly to hosts.



p.s Reset the 3rd party browser setting.

More: This may be caused by a third-party program (adware, spyware,
Get AdAware and SpyBot and run them both. Keep them up to date.
Dealing with Unwanted Spyware, Parasites, Toolbars and Search Engines

Additional link:

You may need this removal tool.
More: Complete list by variant with up-to-date information.
More: Removal tool: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/files/CWShredder.exe

CWShredder - Tutorial

Before trying to remove spyware, download a copy of LSPFIX from
the URL below - some malware may kill your internet connection when it is
removed, this program will enable you to regain your connection.
http://www.spychecker.com/program/winsockxpfix.html (if your OS is Win2k or

Important: "So how did I get infected in the first place?"

If all fails get help from this forum.

Go to http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/files/hijackthis.zip
Download "Hijack This!" [freeware] Latest version is 1.98.

Unzip the Download file in a NEW FOLDER that you can create before you start
the download.
DO NOT install in your Desktop folder.
DO NOT use any of the TEMP folders that are presently in your computer.
Double-click "HijackThis.exe" and Press "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log"
Click: "Save Log" (generates "hijackthis.log")

Next, HijackThis | Config [button] | Misc Tools [button]
Click: Generate StartupList log [button] (generates "startuplist.txt")

Next, go to the below location:

Sign in, then copy/paste your HijackThis .log file in your message.

HijackThis Quick Start Help

The Tutorial if you want to know more about the results or the .log file.

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