Highlight rows in a subform datasheet view




i have a main form (Transaction MOnthly Form) which sets out expenses for a
selected month, and it contains two subforms, Subform 1 - (containing
billers details eg Smith's Stationery Supplies, Toms' Plumbing Service);
and Subform 2 (which is linked to subform 1, and contains itemised details
of the transaction referred to in Subform 1, eg ink, writing pads,
envelopes, etc)

If I select a record in the datasheet view in subform 1, eg Smiths
Stationery Supplies, I need it to remain highlighted while I enter the
details of the itemised purchases into subform 2. I was able to do this in
Access 97, but since upgrading to access 2007, I don't know how to set this
up. Once I move the focus from subform 1 to subform 2 to e nter the
information, I can no longer see which record in subform 1 I am referring

Any assistance would be appreciated



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