Subform of subform not being linked



I have a subform (4) of a subform (3) of a subform (2) of a main form (1).

All is working well. I can see the correct entries in all my forms when
moving through the main form records.

However, my subform (4) records are not being updated when I move through my
subform (3) records. That is, the first subform (3) record entry remains in
the subform (4) view at all times.

Is there a limit to subform depth in Access? The only difference I can see
between the subform (4) and the other subforms is the Default View is
Datasheet whereas the other subforms are using Single Form.

Is there something else I should be looking out for? I've only recently
added subform (4) so I'm a bit hazy about the way I created the other



Access 2007 help says ... This procedure creates two levels of subforms, but
you can repeat the procedure to create up to a maximum of seven levels of


Well, I've found my solution.
Actually, I didn't describe the problem accurately which may partly explain
my issues!

In fact I have 3 subform controls of the same main form. Each of the
subforms represent tables that successively have one-to-many relationships to
their parent table. That is, Table1 has a relationship to Table2 that has a
relationship to Table3 etc etc.

My solution is that I have to call Requery on each subform that represents a
child table when the OnCurrent event is triggered for the parent subform.

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