Subform (Datasheet) Error



I have a Form with 2 Subforms. When setting up the forms, I had the first
subform in continuous and the second subform in datasheet view. The second
subform had fields I wanted to total in the first subform. This all worked
fine and then I changed the first subform to datasheet view to attached them
to the main form.

This is where my problem has occurred. The total columns in the first
subform now have error messages but when I click to open the second subform
attached, the totals appear on the first subform correctly. I have to keep
opening each second subform to clear the error messages. When I close and
reopen the Form, the error message is back.

Can someone help please.


Sounds like Subform1 is totalling values from controls on Subform2. Instead,
populate SF1 with fields from a totalling query against the query that
populates SF2.


Thanks tedmi

I did as you suggested and the calculations in Subform1 are showing
correctly the only problem now is that I cannot any or change any of the data!

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