Can't edit record in subform datasheet view.


John Paterson

I have a an unbound mainform with ActiveX calendar and some buttons. It contains an unbound subform whose record source I update from a button event on the main form. This subform is set to datasheet view as it also contains a bound subform (also in datasheet view).

I am able to edit fields in the sub-sub form but not in the subform even though the form and subform data permissions on both subforms are identical.

Access is Access 2003 SP2 and the tables reside in SQL Server 2005. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


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Hi John
My guess, without testing it, is that the subform is not bound to the main
form (even though) that is not your intention. You might try making the
recordsource for both the main and subform the same query or table. I assume
you set it by code. You can then link the forms by Primary Key. Put the PK
on the main form but make it hidden. May work.

Neville Turbit

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