High CPU usage, computer freezing.



Hello to everyone. ;)

My computer drives me mad! And I've only had it since this February an
I had to reinstall WIN XP 4 times already! The thing is: When I turn o
my comp it boots normally, it has no problems with that, clean fas
boot I'd say. And I actually manage to do some work on it for a fe
minutes but then... :mad: I notice that it starts freezing up... jus
little by little until it completely freezes on me and I can't eve
move the mouse pointer on the screen. When I notice that it's doing i
again I open up task manager and I see no strange processes or thing
that shouldn't be there, but the CPU usage is sky high (up to 90-10
%). The process that takes up most of the CPU usage is usually Firefo
or svchost.exe or explorer.exe. I don't think its a matter of spyware
adware or viruses ( I run spyware and adware cleaners regularly and
checked for viruses, but uninstalled the antivirus program cause it wa
slowing down my comp even more). So what would you recomend I do? Wha
could be causing this?

Please help cause I'm really sick of rebooting the damn thing every fe
minutes. :(

Thanx :

Ted Zieglar

You want me to tell it to you straight? The real problem is that you need to
learn how to use your computer. Your post is full of evidence for that
conclusion: needing to reinstall the operating system 4 times in 5
months...locking up...uninstalling your antivirus program (which is just
about the worst thing you can do)...

Here's what you need to do right now:
Reinstall your antivirus program and configure it for maximum protection.
Remove all viruses and spyware. I mean every last tiny bit.
Run the Disk Cleanup Wizard (ignoring the part about compressing seldom used

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