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I've searched through and seems no one else is having my problem. At the
bottom of my sheet I have a list of names that goes into a drop down list. I
go into format cells --> custom and put in ;;; and it hides the names but
when I click the drop down box where they go the names are still there. That
is what I want. Now I have another list but it is numbers, that go into
another drop down list. When I go to format cells --> custom and put in the
;;; it to hides the numbers but when I click the drop down box for the
numbers only it is blank. I can scroll down and click a blank spot and the
number appears in the cell. My question is why are words showing up in my
drop down lists but when I have a drop down list of numbers the numbers do
not show up? I know they are there I just can't see them. And how do I fix

Bernard Liengme

First, I confirm the odd behaviour - I see exactly what you see
A couple of suggestions
1) hide the rows the data, OR
2) format the data so that the font and the background are the same, and
hence the data is invisible, OR
What you cannot do is move the data to another sheet.
best wishes

Gord Dibben

Place the list of names on another worksheet then name that list with

Your DV source would then be =MyList

You can hide the sheet with the list if you don't want to see it.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thanks for the help. Indeed that is very odd. I hadn't even thought to just
hide the row because I was trying to hide like I had done the names. Thank
you once again.


.. I know they are there I just can't see them. And how do I fix this?

One further thought, perhaps a possible fix/work-around is simply to input
the source numbers (for the DV) as text numbers, ie precede these with an
apostrophe when you input. Then it'll behave exactly the way you want. And
you could easily take care of downstream calculations pointing to these text
numbers by re-converting it to real numbers via for eg, a simple "add zero",
eg: =vlookup(A2+0, ...) where A2 houses the DV with the text numbers.

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