Formatted cell column in drop down list



I want the drop down list feature to become more robust.

First off, the dang thing is almost always barely able to be read.
Especially if I have the sheet zoom reduced as part of my 'normal' view
of the workbook or worksheet.

My real desire would be able to format a column of cells, give it a
range name, and the drop down list would carry the formatting of the
defined column of cells.

So if I make a column of cells with color names in them, and color the
cells, I would want the drop down to show said cell formatting.

Also, I just love how the range name area has a drop down which shows
all the named ranges. That is cool. It would be great if I could right
click on one of them and open its definition dialog for editing.

The Office authoring engineers should use more of the right click
thing, (since MS did start that years ago). Author some better features,
boys. :)

Anyway, drop down lists could be a lot more adjustable. I shouldn't
have to write it in VB to get it (can I?).

The reason is likely that the drop-diwn list feature is likely
'outclassed' by dialog boxes.

This has been a long neglected aspect of Excel, which is why I arrived
at that conjecture. :) They figure 'no need'.

.. I should be able to keep a workbook macro free and still have nicer
drop-down menu lists. I can barely see most of these.




We have ConditionalFormatting available for the formatting issue
(unless you're wanting to incorporate FormatPainter).

Also, most serious Excel users make good use of JKP's NameManager


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