Hide files of these types?




I wish to hide certain file types (not extensions) without having to set the
attribute to hidden for each file. There are many files of the same type
which I do not need to see but are necessary for the program which creates

It seems the way to do this is by editing the file type extension in the
registry, but I do not know what string or dword value I need. I've tried
creating a dword value "hidden" and setting it to "1" and "2" but still
nothing. "Attribute" dword value may work but I do not know the hexadecimal

Hiding "files of these types" was an option on earlier versions of windows
but now is non-apparant.

Any information on registry values or anything else will be greatly
appreciated. This problem has been bugging me for some time now.




Thanks for the quick reply anyways. That method described in the link above
hides file extensions not file types-what I'm after.

Thanks again. Any more info on the subject would be great.


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