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Neil Cramer

I have a group of hidden slides at the end of a presentation which are
accessed from a previous slide (a schematic with buttons that link to
expanded views of certain sections). There is a back button on each hidden
slide that returns the presenter to the origin slide. The problem is if you
click on any of the hidden slides the show progresses to the next slide
which is also marked as hidden and so on through the remaining hidden
slides. If the presenter accidentally clicks anywhere other than the back
button they go on to a slide that is not part of the sequence.

Is there a way to prevent the "click" from moving through a group of hidden
slides in the same way that the presentation would skip over hidden slides
that are in the sequence of slides? I assumed that a click to proceed would
always "jump over" hidden slides, and so in the case where the last ten
slides were marked as hidden clicking on any one of them would have no
effect. This does not seem to be the case. Thanks in advance for any help.




Kathryn Jacobs

A trick:
Instead of linking to the hidden slides directly, use custom shows. Create a
custom show for each hidden slide. Set up a hyperlink to the appropriate
show using the "Show and Return" option on the hyperlink setup. When you
click the button, only the slide(s) in the show will run and then you will
return to whence you came.

On each hidden slide, put a big, invisible box. Link that box to back
instead of just the back button. Then, when the user clicks anywhere they
will go back. (To make the box invisible, format the box to have a fill
color with a transparency of 100% and no line.)

Post back and let us know if either of these options will work :)

Kathryn Jacobs, Microsoft PPT MVP
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