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I have a presentation where I have a few hidden slides and I have two problems:

1. I have two hidden slides together (e.g. 7 & 8) if I want to show ONLY
number 7, when I click the next one to show is number 8, an I want to jump to
the next NON hidden slide. What can I do?
2. I want to include page numbers for all my slides but the hidden ones.
What can I do? I already tried the recommendation in post "Page numbers for
hidden slides", but it didn't work for me, probably I didn't know how to add
the code




David Marcovitz

I don't think I can help with #2, but for #1, you could place a blank
slide between slides 7 and 8. Have that slide advance automatically
after 0 seconds. Make sure that slide is not hidden. That should fix you

The issue is that when you are on a non-hidden slide, a normal advance
will take you to the next hidden slide. When you are on a hidden slide,
a normal advance should take you to the next slide (hidden or not). This
solution means that an advance from slide 7 will take you to the new
slide, which is not hidden. Since that slide is not hidden, the
automatic advance should take you to the next non-hidden slide and skip
#8 (which is no longer #8).

The drawback is that this will even further mess up your handouts.






Thank you very much for your help, it solve my problem.

Regarding point 2, I solved as I realize I didn't have a footer in the
Master Slide and I require it in order to use the posted solution.


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