HID Non-User Input Data Filters that have a Yellow ! on the icon.



I have a new Laser Keyboard and mouse 6000 on which the extended keys do not

I notice I have in the Device Manage two HID Non-User Input Data Filters
that have a Yellow ! on the icon.

What does that mean?

Properties show:
Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)

I've tried uninstalling and adding hardware but can't fix this.

Tried updating the driver.

The disk that came with the set is an installation disk that when run
probably installs drivers but doesn't appear to have the drivers available
so that I can update the driver directly from it.

I'm at a lost as to what to try next.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might possibly help?


PS I've downloaded the software from MS but it is essentially the same as
what is on my CD.


Did you follow the installation instructions to the letter
before you plugged in the device to USB? If not you will
definitely have fun getting them to work.

Uninstall the HID devices (unplug them), uninstall all the
drivers for them that may be showing in Device Manager.

Reboot the system. Use the CD and install all the software
that relates to the mouse and keyboard. When prompted plug
in the mouse/keyboard.

These are common installation instructions for any USB
device that requires a specific driver like this hardware
does. Install the software first then the device.


I did install the software before plugging in the new devices as instructed.
But the extended keys did not work.

Since then I've uninstalled the software and drivers. Had to power down
since with no keyboard nor mouse I couldn't shut down nicely.

Added the old keyboard and mouse, rebooted, reinstalled the software, shut
down, changed to the new keyboard and mouse and rebooted.

While it was rebooting I repeatedly pressed the volume control keys.

The volume control indicator displayed on the screen while the rebooting was
occurring. When the disk activity sound ceased the display when away and
would not return.

It's as if after the last reboot file was read something occurred that did
something to the keyboard driver.

Thanks for helping

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