HID Non-User Input Data Filter



Ever since installing HID Non-User Input Data Filter "Optional Update" It has
been conflicting with my ATI Catalyst Drivers for the x1950xtx dual videos
and have been randomly getting the "ole" blue screen during boot of Vista
x64. Of course when I do manage to boot Vista it points to the updated ATI
drivers as the offending cause and has been driving me nuts until I had to
reinstall Vista due to a BIOS update and through deduction found that the HID
update was the cause.

Without the HID update I no longer have screensaver and all the other stuff
that goes along with it. I was told it was because of my wireless Microsoft
mouse and keyboard and it needed the HID update for screensaver to work.

Anyway, I have to live without the energy management since HID update is
conflictiong with my video drivers. I do hope a MS tech reads this because I
have no idea how to get support other than this forum.


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hmmmm something else I noticed.
In my optional update que there is a ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for
"Radeon X1900 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) which may also be the
nasty. Well at this point I'm scared to intall that one since it does screw
with the so called updated video driver from ATI Catalyst 7.3.

Oh well now I have no idea if the HID is the nasty now.
If I do reinstall HID and find it be my problem, is that one of the updates
that I can uninstall?


Joe Guidera

To obtain support for your purchased product (assuming this is not OEM) you
can contact Microsoft Support by phone, email or chat from
www.microsoft.com/support and selecting one of the options located under
"Need more help?"

If this is an OEM copy of Vista you should contact the manufacturer of your
machine for support.


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