here's my e-mail error tried everything to fix it but nothing help


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The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'test', Account:
'(e-mail address removed)', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port:
587, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

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I changed my pop3 setting to 587 from 25 checked all my settings. turned off
McAffee E-mail scan but still can't send E-mails and sometimes get same error
when recieving.


Just a suggestion :
1.) Change it back to port 25.
2.) Is there a setting under out-going mail (smtp) heading which says " This
server requires secure authentication " ?
If yes, it should be checked.

Gary VanderMolen

McAfee antivirus is among the top three troublemakers for Windows Mail.
Sometimes it takes a while before symptoms start showing up.
First of all, turn off email scanning in McAfee, although that is seldom sufficient.

If the problem continues, the only way you can prove or disprove that
McAfee is the culprit is to uninstall it, followed by using their debris removal tool:
If you decide to replace McAfee, we can recommend a free antivirus
program which is more compatible with Windows Mail:

Instead of switching to a different antivirus, another option is to upgrade
to Windows Live Mail (WLM), which is more resistant to the adverse effects
of overly intrusive antivirus products:

Even with WLM, you must disable email scanning in the antivirus,
for the reason explained here:


I've been trying to use this e-mail for 18 months. not only that but it
screws up lots of other things. Too much detail, too complicated, no
response from microsoft for the whole time. my next computer will be an

Gary VanderMolen

Guess what, in order to receive mail, Apple has to use the same protocol
and settings that Windows computers require. The only difference is
that your wallet will be an extra $500 lighter.

The responders here are glad to help you with Windows Mail issues.

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