help with formula please



I want to change how this works, I messed around a little but no joy.

In cells C6,D6,E6 I have words date, month, year, In cells G6,H6,I6 I
have words date, month, year,
In cells C7,D7,E7 Date is entered dd/mm/yy, In cells G7,H7,I7
Date is entered dd/mm/yy

The idea is a start date and a finish date, It is based on renting a
property and will be either one week or two weeks

If the dates equal one week only then I wish cell M7 to print £150
If the dates equal 2 weeks then cell M8 to equal £100

Thus giving a combined total of £250 for two weeks rental. (which is later
added together in another cell)

The formula at the moment in cell M7 is
The formula in cell M8 at the moment is
I previously wanted the formula to work on a `depending on month`basis

I hope this is clear.

Anne Troy

Scudo: Put each date all in one cell. Excel can calc dates, but not if
they're in all those different cells. So, if your start date was C7 and your
end date was G7, you could have:
=IF(G7-C7>7,100,150) and have that cell formatted as £.

~Anne Troy

JE McGimpsey

Your problem statement is a bit ambiguous. You say M7 should equal 150
if one week only, and M8 should equal 100 if two weeks. But what should
M7 equal if two weeks?

Perhaps this will work:

M7: 150
M8: =100 * ((DATE(E7,D7,C7)-DATE(E6,D6,C6))>7)


M18 is a total of M7 and M8 giving the total for the 2 weeks. I charge
£150 for one week and £250 for 2 weeks rental, a discount of £50 I (through
lack of computing skills) find it easier this way, the sum total is the
I will give your formula a try.


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