Re post the exact formulas



My apologies for posting as a new post but for some reason when I reply to
group its not getting there, so sorry if this duplicates along the way..

This is the formulas I am using....
This in M15.......... M7+M8+M13+M14
This in M7........... =CHOOSE(MATCH(D7,{0;5;7;9},1),"",150,200,"")
This in M8........... =CHOOSE(MATCH(H7,{0;5;7;11},1),"",150,200,"")

It is a form for renting properties if the renter puts in the dates inD7 and
H7 then M7 and M8 calculate the rental for those weeks. The problem is if I
send a blank form with no dates entered it has #VALUE! where it would
normally enter the total in M15, the sheet works ok its just messy sending
out a blank form with #VALUE! on it what I would like is for those `error
messages` (#VALUE!) to disappear` if possible.

I hope this is a bit clearer

Dave Peterson

I posted this in the other thread:

I'm still confused at what you mean by clear. Do you mean your formula
evaluates to ""?

If yes, try this in M15:


=sum() ignores cells with text. The add operator (+) likes to work with numbers
and has trouble with text.

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