Help to force recognition of monitor/TV



I am trying to send computer signals to a TV through a wireless
transmitter/receiver set. The trouble is the VGA/TV out function on
my AGP video card doesn't allow recognition of the TV unless it's
directly attached to the TV (with no intervening device, such as my
wireless set). Is there a way to force Win XP into recognizing the TV
so that I can set the display to send out signals through VGA/TV out

Barry Watzman

TV out has no way of detecting that a TV set is or isn't connected other
than by the impedance of the connector ... and your wireless device
should look the same as a TV for this purpose. There are no signals
coming from a TV back to the computer that would let the computer
distinguish anything else.

SOME drivers do have a "force TV out" checkbox, but it's a driver
function, either you have it or you don't.

S Gibbons

If you put a 75 ohm load on the tv output connector, the ati card will
enable the tv output

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