9550 tv-out problem



I have a PALIT ATI RADEON 9550 with 256 ram.
Everything worked fine, until I get the tv-out cable.
I am trying to connect the card on the composite input of my samsung
The tv out cable has the ati 7 pin connector on the card side and it
ends with a composit cinch connector and an s-video connector.
The problem is that I can't get any picture on my tv. There is no
picture in the boot up, nor in winXP. In the Displays part of the
control center I set this "force tv detection" because the card is not
recognizing that the tv is connected and setting the TV out to clone
mode and set it to PAL B system(which is in my country). I can't still
get the picture.
The system is
AMD sempron 2800
512 MB RAM
MSI K8Neo Nforce3

I tried to connect the tv when both the computer and tv is on and off
and every combination of it.I tried the latest drivers from ati and
still nothing. I even tried some low level utilities from a russian
site but without success.
If any body had the same problem and fix it , please help.

Previously I had GeForce2MX and it required a 72ohm resistor to be
connected on the pins, so it can detect the tv. Is this the case on ati
card also?

Please help soon before my warranty expires.



I managed to get a picture on the TV, using the S-Video out of the ATI
and a converter to Composite signal. The designated so called composite
pin didn't get the picture, I guess that on my card they forgot to put
this pin to work, or maybe some other pin is assigned as a composite

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