Help needed on 1c_InitTime test in NDISTEST for USB Device



Hello Everyone,

I have a NDIS-WDM (USB) driver for USB Gateway Device. Since it is a
Virtual Ethernet Driver, I am running NDIS Test on this driver.

While executing the 1c_InitTime test case, it instructs me to remove the
cable and connect back and waits for the Cable detection event.

But, in case of USB, there is nothing like cable detection event as when
the cable is removed, the driver gets unloaded (because of nonexistence
of the PnP device) and when I put the cable back in, the driver gets
loaded again (because of the detection of PnP Device).

I don't know how to run this case for my driver/device.

Please let me know if any of you have some/any information about this
problem. I am sure all of you who have similar drivers/devices would
have got the same problem (for WHQL certification).

Any help in way of pointers, documents, or info are greatly welcome.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,


Pavel A.

Wireless LAN cards have no "cable" as well, but they support media connect/disconnect states.
Does your device have something equivalent for disconnection of it's link?

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