Aug 24, 2011
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Hi I appriciate this forum very much. Its helping newbies like me. I am creating an application for recording input from 2D Barcode and I need help very badly.

I am using MS ACCESS 2007. The input can come from 2 sources - Manual data entry (Default) or through Barcode Scanner. The data entered should go to the following fields.

1. Letter No.
2. Letter Date
3. Sender's Address
4. Location
5. Subject
6. Reference.

I have created a form to input this data. I am thinking of using an option group so that user can select either manual or barcode input. For manual input, user can straight away enter the data in relevant fields. For Barcode will be a MEMO data type containing a delimited text which has to be separated using Split() function. The data should be stored in a table containing above 6 fields. It should take input from only one source input if manual or parsed input using Split() function through barcode. Kindly help me in achieving this.

Is using a option group a good idea or is there any other way doing this. Also If I use option will result in two options Manual or Barcode. If Manual is selected how do I specify the 6 fields where data needs to be stored ( in the option group wizard)?.
I am have basic idea about access. I am badly in need of help. Hope u guyz will help me out.

Thanks in anticipation.



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