help installing win 2k pro



I had a test machine that i installed win 2k server on. I played with
it for a while and now need to return it to its original service as a
win 2k pro workstation on our nt4.0 domain.

I inserted the pro cd and got the installation auto run window. I
told it i wanted to do a clean install, it copied some files and then
restarted. Normally when i have done this after the restart i go to a
screen that asks which partition i want to install on and all that.
Instead now i go to the boot.ini screen that asks me to choose an
operating system. I can choose:

Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional Setup

Setup is the default and if the timer runs down or I hit a button then
the computer goes to a blank screen and nothing happens. Eventually I
just have to turn the machine off. (I have left it on overnight to
see if anything would happen and it never does). If i select Windows
2000 Server then it starts the server operating system and it is if
nothing ever happened.

I have gone into the setup and made sure that the comp. boots from the
cd first and this has not done anything.

I don't care about anything on the disk or computer so if someone
knows a way to just format the disk and start from scratch that would
be fine. I just want to get a clean install of win 2k pro and it is
eluding me.

Thank you so much for any help.



Dave Patrick

To do a clean install, either boot the Windows 2000 CD-Rom or setup disks.
The set of four install disks can be created from your Win2k CD-rom; change
to the \bootdisk directory on the cd-rom and execute makeboot.exe (from dos)
or makebt32.exe (from 32 bit) and follow the prompts.

When you get to the point, delete the existing NTFS and or other partitions
found. After you delete the partition(s) abort the install, then again
restart the pc booting the CD-Rom or setup disks to avoid unexpected drive
letter assignments with your new install.

Since the fixed disk has a boot sector you may need to F2 (or some other
key) at POST to get it to boot the CD-Rom Failing that, create and boot the
setup disks to start your install.

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