HELP: I need a Windows8 driver for a Sharp AR-5316


David H. Lipman

"Peter Jason" wrote in message
Or some emulation.

It is in the OS. Use Windows Update function to download Printer Drivers
from Microsoft.

Peter Jason

From: "Peter Jason" <[email protected]>

Did you finally get it installed ?

No. But for the past several days I've been
preoccupied with a new color laser Fuji-Xerox
printer (not a combo), and so the other matter is
on hold. I will check out your info soon.
Nov 25, 2014
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Hello everybody.
My setup is several Windows 8.1 64 bit machines... and a Sharp AR5316 AR-5316
I've just managed to:
- create a Win 7 64 bit virtual machine
- install appropriated driver (in "local mode") from sharpmea inside the VM
- physically connect the printer to my Win 8.1 host running the VM
- configure USB passthrough for SHARP AR-5316 to the VM
- add every host (W8.1, W7) to a "home group" (I don't know if it helped, but I did it)
- share printer on the VM
- connect to the printer on Win 8.1 hosts
- having the driver automatically downloaded-installed-whatever
- print some documents from Win 8.1 to the networked Sharp

Best regards from Italy (my first post here)

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