Help . . . "General" page, "Business Contacts" group: lost name



I'm using BCM for Outlook 2007

On the general page the bottom group is "Business Contacts". Yesterday I
added a large number of contacts to all my accounts. There were four fields
listed on that sub-form: Name, "Job Title", "Business Phone" and "E-mail".
I'm unclear why, but today the -Name- field no longer appears.

Yesterday: "John Doe", "Manager", "(999) 555-1212", "(e-mail address removed)"
Today: "Manager", "(999) 555-1212", "(e-mail address removed)", ""

I can't figure out how to re-introduce the name. Can anyone help me here?


mrtimpeterson via

This is a VERY annoying field resizing bug in the program. I posted about
this months ago and have heard nor seen anything regarding a fix for it from
MS. To see your fields, grab the line dividing the displayed field columns
with your mouse and drag it over to the right in order to reveal the other
field columns. The only way to correct this albeit temporarily, is to reboot
windows and then the change will only last through a few edits before
reverting back to this smaller sized viewing area.


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