How display City&State in BCM Contacts view?



Is there a way to do this? I'm using Outlook w/BCM, when you click
"Business Contacts in Business Contact Manager", it displays in the right
2/3 of monitor all the contacts in somewhat of a business card format...
name/phone/email/etc. But, I'd like BCM to include city/state something
like this for each contact...

Doe, John
Company: ABC Corp.
City/State: Washington, DC <--problem is this, how do?
Business: 202-555-1212
Email: (e-mail address removed)

When I click on blank space and select "Show Fields", I can't find a way to
show City AND State... all I see is option to show a) whole business address
but that takes up too much space, or b) just "state" alone but that's not
enough info.

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks,


Menu View|Arrange By|Current View|Customize Current View

Customize Fields

Add Business Address to the list on the right.


Thanks, but adding "Business Address" gives everything...street, city,
state, zip, like this.

Plastics Division
123 Main Street, Suite 400
Washington, DC, 20202

Was looking for way to just get city, state, like this...

Washington, DC, 20202

Thanks if have ideas,

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