Help! Excel 2003 "Data may have been lost" error after SP3 upgrade



hi, we recently upgrade our excel 2003 to service pack 3 and some of our
excel file no longer open correctly. I always get "File Error: data may have
been lost." warning message everytime. However, the data shows up fine after
I hit ok on the warning. This does not happen with excel 2003 service pack
2. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? This is a big issue
for my customers who opens our excel file on a daily basis.

Is there a way that we fix this issue in excel 2003 SP3 or disable this
warning message in excel 2003?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi Shane:

Thanks for your assistance. I tried the following search link and did not
find any good solutions on the issue. Do you have any other idea how I can
reslove this issue? The problem really started to happen after excel 2003
SP3 upgrade.

Thank you!

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