Correcting a "File error: data may have been lost" in Excel 2007


MMC Cory

When I opened a large excel 2007 file I received the following error message:
"File error: data may have been lost". Many of the cells had the inputed data
replaced with an error message #VALUE! and it appears that the data is lost.
I need to know if the data is lost, is it recoverable? What is causing this
issue? and How can I avoid it in the future?


i have the same problem, exactly as described. have any idea how to solve
this problem?

Simon Murphy

That error message is normally caused by opening a .xls format file that
had some analysis toolpak functions in it.

Data has been lost - some of the ATP functions will have been
overwritten with =#N/A, and the calc chain could have been corrupted
across multiple cells.

more info here:

Best fix is move to .xlsx or .xlsm formats, only save to .xls to send to
people without 2007.

Excel development website:

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