HELP - Cannot manual logon to terminal server via RDP client



We have a 2003 server and it runs terminal server.

It has been running perfect fore a long time, but after a supporter has
created a new profile, we are no longer able to use manual login via RDP
client. We can connect to the server via RDP but when we try to write
username and password nothing happens, the client machine only goes "BEEP"
when we use the keyboard.
We can logon to the server via RDP if we use auto logon, the keyboard on the
client and server works allright. We have tried everything we can think of
but nothing helps.

Is the anybody here who knows a solution besides reinstall of the server ??


Sounds like you have issues with keyb and mouse.... make sure you do not have
bent pins if PST connection. Reboot KVM (if you have one).....Reboot server
with KVM set to that server during post....

Failing that Connect new mouse/Key and reboot.

Hope this helps.


I dont have problems with mouse and keyboard, they work as they should.
It is a software problem but I dont know where the problem is located.

"TroubledWaters" skrev:

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