When I go to the games page and click on "Hearts" to play I get a popup that
wants to know if I want to resume my saved game. I never saved any games and
after I click the "No" button I can play the game ok. When I leave I always
click the "Do Not Save" button and when I return and go to the hearts page
again I get the same popup asking if I want to play my saved game. I Never
saved or will save any games. Why do I kepp getting this popup?? and How do I
get it to stop?




Try this:

On the Start Menu, click on Games (on the right side of the menu). In the
Games folder, right-click Hearts, and choose Saved Games. Delete the
file Hearts.HeartsSave-ms in the folder that appears. Hearts will
keep asking you if you want to play your saved game as long as that file is
in C:\Users\(Your Name)\Saved Games\Microsoft Games\Hearts.

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