Games Folder is empty!


Graham Newey

My OS is Vista Home Premium(64 bit).

I enjoy playing Solitaire and Chess Titans which are two of the integrated

A problem has occurred.

I click "Start" then "Games".

The ">Games" window appears, as usual.

Solitaire, Hearts, Chess Titans etc etc are shown, as usual.

However, when I double click the relevant icon, instead of the game running
as usual, I'm getting a new window with "<<Users>Graham and Mary>Saved Games"
at the top.

In the main body of the window appears "Microsoft Games" folder which is

I'm wondering if it's my injudicious use of a "shortcut fixer" tool in a
"utility" I've been using recently that's caused this problem.

Please can you tell me (in words of one syllable) how to get my nice green
solitaire game (or chess etc) to show again when I double click the icon?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Graham Newey

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