HDD Error



I just completed a clean install of XP Pro. The install went fine and
everything was working.I connected to the internet and went to Windows Update
and began d/l updates. When I got to the first time it told me to reboot I
rebooted and it wouldn't boot. It starts booting and the BIOS says:

Auto-Detecting Pri Master...IDE Hard Disc
Auto-Detecting Pri Slave...Not Detected
Auto-Detecting Sec Matster...ATAPI CDROM
Auto-Detecting Sec Slave...Not Detected

This is as it should be. But then it seaches for the boot record and can't
find it on either the IDE, the Floppy, or the CDROM

(it should find it on the Hard Drive as I just installed it there!)

Then I get the following error message:

Pri Master HDD Error
Press F1 To Resume

When I press F1 it says:

RPL-ROM-ADR: 0007 955D 04A8


Boot Failure

I tried setting the BIOS back to the CDROM as the 1st boot device and put in
the XP install disc.It will find it as a boot device and start running but
when it get to set up and asks if I want to install XP or repair it either
option I choose it says "windows did not detect any hard disc drives on this

So that's what's going on, My question is:

Is my hard drive kaput?I don't really have a problem getting another hard
drive and putting it in (nice time to upgrade since what I have is only a
20GB hard drive) but I don't want to put in a new drive and have the same
thing happen. Is there anything else that could be wrong besides a defective
hard drive or the IDE cable connecting it to the motherboard?

Sorry if this is a little long I wanted to try to give y'all as much info to
go on as I could

John Barnett MVP

Just as a thought have you checked that the jumpers are set correctl on the
back of the hard drive and, also, you might try resetting the BIOS back to
default settings. You have obviously checked the ide cable and power


I have checked the connections to the HD -I even swapped it with another IDE
ribbon cable that i had from another computer.The jumpers are all set the
same as they heave been since the computer was new I have never made any
hardware changes to the machine. I have gone in and checked all the BIOS
settings and they are all what they should be,I did re-set the Bios to
default setting and it made no difference. I'm about ready to just put a new
HD in but don't want to spend the money and find out that it still can't
detect it.

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