Have to scroll to see full list of attachments in Outlook 2007?



A colleague of mine keeps sending me HTML emails in Outlook with multiple
attachments, but the full list of attachments does not appear all at once on
the screen. There is a scroll bar on the FAR right next to the attachments,
and you have to scroll down through the list of attachments to see all of the
attachments (I can send a screen shot to better explain this). So for
example, if an email has four attachments, I only see the first three on the
screen, and then I have to scroll down to see the fourth attachment. This is
very confusing as I can easily "miss" an attachment if I don't know how many
attachments are attached, and I can miss an attachment, not even realizing it
is there, unless I see the scroll bar and scroll down through the list. I
only have this issue with emails I RECEIVE from one person. When I send
attachments, I (and the recipients) can see all of them without having to
scroll. Any idea why this is happening?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Are the filenames long? That is the usual cause of the attachments not
fitting on one line. How many you'll see per row is fully dependant on the
width of the message header. If not using full screen already, double click
on the title bar to take the window full screen. If using the reading pane,
make it as wide as possible.

Otherwise, File, save attachments menu will list all.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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